Thursday, 17 January 2013

Under the skin

"There is still an enormous abyss in what truly distinguishes man from ape, primarily man’s ability to “know” and “love” God. Only man was created in His Image and Likeness."...Declares one of my friends on CP&S. It would be bad manners to post a piece like the following on a Catholic blog, I think. Imposing on its tolerance. But it needs to be said

And there is still an emormous abyss between lobsters and horses, or rabbits and sharks, or oak trees and mosquitos.
But they all have a common ancestor, along with the detestable human being..
So, we must all be made in God's likeness, if any of us are: from ant to aardvark..
Could God be a giant lobster?

But I think that would be looking down the wrong end of the telescope.

The logical way to look at it is, that if the CP&S crowd are correct and we are made in God's likeness, then God must be a semi-sane, vicious, illogical, cruel, arrogant, aggressive and ugly monster like his beloved and chosen humans.
Gorillas are none of those things, sadly for them. So, no "immortality" for them.
Even if they are exceptionally badly behaved.

Each of us humans God loves to bits, it seems, and "wants" us to be happy.. No matter how disturbingly near some of us are to His own image.

Personally, I'd far sooner spend as much of my time as possible in the company of less intelligent, less nasty, less self-deceiving, and better looking members of our great world family of animals.
Like dogs or monkeys, lizards or goats.

We are the 5th ape. There's still a slender chance one of the other four might yet evolve into "consciousness" in a decent fashion.
And become immortal as well. When you think about it, there¡s no more practical chance of mankind "knowing and loving" God than there is of a flea "knowing and loving" a dog.

I suppose that what it boils down to, is even if we are made in God's image, there's no reason to condemn any of us to eternal damnation on our looks.

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JabbaPapa said...

Could God be a giant lobster?