Thursday, 3 January 2013

Gay's Not The Word. From Now On, At Least...

Catholicism in a nutshell. A little, brown, probably poor, lady crouches to kiss the massive and imposing ring of the georgeously and sumptously-clad leader of Catholics in England. Whose hat comes to a point. Deliberately.
It is very difficult to adhere to my resolution not to post any more on The Catholic blog, especially when the latest story is that Gay Masses in Soho have been banned by the man in the picture above.
Now, you and I know that Archbishop Nichols pictured above is not actually in "drag," or "cross-dressing" here, like some of the erstwhile worshippers in Soho, itself the notorious moral sewer of London.  

But there are those who might just imagine such an absurd thing.
Ignorance, to be sure, but has The Church ever explained why it's necessary for the likes of Vincent to go about wearing such outre outfits?

If Gays dressed up as Cardinals or Bishops, or whatever, and started capering about blessing one another and kissing each others' rings in public, no doubt there would be some sort of uproar and cries of "Blasphemy!" and maybe even "Persecution!"
After all, what's sauce for the goose..(which is an expression that seems to have nothing to do with the case here.)
But, we must suppose Nichols did The Right Thing here.
I recall hearing  of one utterly disgraceful incident during Benediction, when, while an altar boy was proceeding up the aisle swinging the smoking censer, one of the congregaytion leaned over and whispered loudly, "Excuse me, Sweetie-pie, but did you know your handbag's on fire?"
But, when I come to think about it, I might have made that up.

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