Monday, 2 December 2013

Smashing Pumpkins

It is the best part of a year since this blog last bloviated.
Well, we are now hanging out the shingle again. The reasons for the lacuna are too boring to go into.
...Unlike this story from Yahoo a day or so ago.

Pow! Smack in the middle. Nose!
Pow!! Upper and to left. Eye!
Pow!!! Upper and to right. Other eye!
Powpowpowpowpow!!!!! Below in a line. Mouth!

I have often pondered the mysterious American love of guns, but suddenly it all comes clear. They are to make funny faces on pumpkins with. 
This makes perfect sense, within the context of America. 
A pity though, that this instructional video only came to light after the shooting of Trayvon Martin - or Mr. Zimmerman, the intrepid gunman, might have used it as a logical reason for blowing the lad away: 
"I mistook him for a pumpkin." 
Why did you do that? 
''Because he was unarmed, like pumpkins are. And kind of orangey-brownish coloured." Happily for American justice, such a defence was not required. 
Although it is no less reasonable than the one employed.