Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Revolution

Well, I, as Toad, have sacked myself from the day job on Catholicism Pure & Simple. I've been thinking for some months now that my presence there wasn't doing either of us any good.
Then yesterday, there was an "article" about a sort of crucifix which was so idiotic that it made me spit out the bullet, pull up the Rubicon, bite the drawbridge and throw the dummy out with the bath water, if you get my meaning.
Encouraging this lunacy had got to stop.

Exraordinary, that several regular contributors on the CP&S site are clearly intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate people.
But then, they believe things that a seven-year-old illiterate Patagonian peasant with a learning disability would find putting an undue strain to his credulity.

CP&S followed up today with a piece about Aids in Africa, illustrated by an absurd and practically obscene drawing.
Not that obscenity, in itself, really bothers me.
It's the principle of the thing.

The Catholic argument, against the use of condoms to help prevent the spread of Aids, seems to be that - very occasionally - they don't work. The condom breaks, or falls off, or whatever.

It's the same as  saying, "Let's not bother with seat belts, because they only prevent nine fatal accidents out of ten."
(Those figures are not "real" by the way, I made them up. To make the point.)

Enough of this tripe!

It's 2013!

And I have lived to see it! Only dimly, to be sure, but what the heck!

I'm not overly optimistic over what this year may bring the world in general, but we will soldier grimly on. We have no choice.

"Gods bless, us, every one, " says Tiny Toad.


FrereRabit said...

Happy new year Paddy.

Once again we start out on the yearly round of trying to reduce our woeful blogging attachments. I have not made a new year's resolution about it but I shall attempt to solve the problem by saying something so outrageous I'll be taken to court by some new international tribunal that polices the internet.

That will cost me a million Euros, gratefully paid by some Catrholic biddy who wants to see justice done and rabits allowed to insult priests, and finally save me wasting any more time on the internet.

Happy new year.

Patrick O'Gara said...

Happy New Year to you Gareth. I still intend to get to see your donks when I can.