Monday, 28 January 2013


A person who shall be nameless, Jim - in fact - has written asking me why I no longer post on Catholicism Pure & Simple.

A look at the latest sample will put you straight, Jim lad.

Wherin a certain Father Dwight D. Longenecker, (I kid you not) offers his eager readers a sample of his latest book which appears to be a brutal and unscrupulous rip-off of Poor Old, Long-Dead (half a century), Protestant, C.S.Lewis's Screwtape Letters.

This is what literary depths Catholicism has sunk to since Lewis's death.

This is the best their intellectuals can do, it seems. Dig up Lewis, dust him off, and set him shambling around his fevered inner world of demons, hobgoblins, boogy men, devils, and afeets (my favourites).

Better hope Cecil's lawyers are dead as well. Lawyers can be the very devil.

What persuaded me that I was not only wasting my time, which is inexpensive, but also wasting my brain - which is also inexpensive, but in dangerously short supply these days -  on CP&S, was an offer of a very nasty looking crucifix for, as far as I remember, 17 euros, which had an indulgence built in.
At which point I saw the light, or, as the Faithful would have it - the dark.

I still look at it most days, (CP&S, that is, not the crucifix) and am mildly interested to see that John Henry, an old chum on there, is - like me and the dog in the Sherlock Holmes story, no longer barking in the night, at least not a present.

Maybe just too busy, though, wrestling with The Devil.
I can sympathise.

(Is it necessary to believe in Satan to be a Catholic? I can't remember. Probably.)


JabbaPapa said...

Is it necessary to believe in Satan to be a Catholic?


JabbaPapa said...

I see, be-warted one, that your shadow has been lengthening in the doorway of CP&S, despite your protestations that you would keep a safe distance from that particular tendril of the WWW, in this very blog thread.

(Is that enough mixing of metaphors ? No ?)

It is possible therefore that my own shadow might be darkening the dirt beneath your bodega in some indeterminate future, with a view towards compensating the cosmic imbalance provided by your continually irrelevant croaks in that location...