Monday, 7 January 2013

Islam for Dummies

I thought this well worth watching. The presenter is a bit off-putting, to me at least, but it's very well done. Takes an hour, though, so make a sandwich first.
The whole series is rather good.

Interesting to think that if you'd had the misfortune to have been born in Europe around 750, the least horrible, most nearly civilised, place you could find to live would have been Cordoba.

Although I no longer "post " on CP&S, the offerings there are getting splendidly loonier and loonier and the urge to comment is correspondingly powerful.
However, my strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure. So I will resist.

One of the latest is about a wax figure of Saint John Bosco with, apparently, some bits of bones and tissue of the saint stuck inside, which is travelling Europe to be venerated.
Take a look. The interior of Liverpool Cathedral (familiarly known locally as "Paddy's Wigwam")  in the accompanying photos seems to be lit like a rather tacky disco.

Sunday Morning Fever.

It is advertised as the British leg of a world tour. Bit like Black Sabbath. No mention of a Tee-shirt, though.

STOP PRESS: CP&S has now topped even that with one on profanity. Toad is - naturally- lost for appropriate words, by Jove.



Tom Goodman said...
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Patrick O'Gara said...

I can only guess...

Donald Mallard said...

CP&S becomes loopier by the day I'm afraid, which is a pity because the inmates are mostly decent and intelligent people.

And yet there is now a contributor, increasingly bewildered, who when he wishes to swear, instead shouts "Crackers" - as well he might as a warning to the world. Another drops to his knees when someone 'blasphemes'. What next, fatwahs?

The loopiness could be the fault of the devil of course, a frequent preoccupation. Rather than accept responsibility, the cry may be heard "It was the devil what made me do it, your Honour" - rather like Quasimodo's bells.

Worrying too is the love of punishment, the dislike of the body and the veneration of travelling corpses. So too is the taste for fascism and Franco, expressed by one stalwart.

"Where questions of religion are concerned, people are guilty of every sort of dishonesty and intellectual misdemeanour". Sigmund Freud must be referring to the refusal on CP&S to answer tricky questions put to them.

Patrick O'Gara said...

You seem to read my mind, Donald.
I don't think the inmates at CP&S didn't want to answer my questions, they simply couldn't.

Donald Mallard said...

Here's one they run from...

In Matthew (13.55-57) we read that Jesus had four brothers and some sisters. James, elsewhere is said to be Jesus' twin. What of the 'virgin' birth here? The original word in Aramaic for virgin actually means 'unmarried woman'. It was a given, then.

In the Gospel of James, this is confirmed.

You never hear of this from Catholics and it is never raised in teachings. Sad actually, and the normal response is a shamed silence. Not surpringly for it demolishes the whole structure they have built.

Donald Mallard said...

PS - I very much doubt that I have 'read your mind'. 'Seem to' is probably right.