Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Psycho Path

Well, it was a relief to see Rudy Giuliani handed his hat this morning. One less loony to worry about. That leaves about 300 million, not including New Jersey. Two of them yesterday, McCain and Romney, were busy frothing and snarling and accusing one another of being Liberals.

While on the subject of loonies, I was interested, though unsurprised, to read that The Camino de Santiago - on which we live - has more than its fair share of that commodity. A newspaper ran a story a while back, (you can find it at ), the gist of which was that a significant number of pilgrims, mostly male and about 40 years old, are already practically barking before they pull on a boot. As a result, by time they get to Burgos, which is a bit less than half-way, what with tiredness, blisters, other loonies and assorted stressing circumstances, they have to be boxed up, packed in ice, and shipped home. The trouble is, they set out with the intention of solving -or at least confronting - the accumulated problems of a lifetime - lost jobs, broken marriages, mortgage defaults, nervous breakdowns and God knows what all else, by popping on a rucksack and taking a 500-mile stroll.
On top of all that, they often run out of whatever prescription medicine that had been providing a tenuous link to reality. We have seen a few such cases around here.

Maybe, when we come to furnish the house, a sturdy green leather couch (The Freud: 15,000 Euros, a traditional favourite, highly recommended by our medical clientele) should head the shopping list.

On a more serious note, the dogs keep rolling around in some kind of fertiliser that make them stink of rotten fish. Pretty much the same smell Liberals have, if you believe the Republican contenders.

I shall take a bath, but it will do no good.