Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The World: It might have been made for us

We always had Grace At Mealtimes in our house...

Donald, on here points out something I heard the late Christopher Hitchens assert in a in a old YouTube debate I was watching only the day before: That the idea of a "virgin birth" might well spring from a misstranslation, as what Mary actually was, was an "unmarried woman" rather than a necessarily a virgin.

Well, maybe, but I haven't got that far into Holy Scripture yet. Nor, to be honest, am I ever likely to.
 I'm still trying to cope with the idea that the entire universe was put here for the sole benefit of Homo Sapiens.

The Moon, for example was created, designed, actually, by God simply in order that people could write silly songs about it. Intelligent design at work. Right down to the fact that it rhymes with "June."
Did you really think that was an accident? No, mate. All part of God's Great Plan.

To begin at the beginning, in fact. Where God says, "Let there be light" before He's created any light sources. Of course, it's not to be taken literally, well not that bit, anyway. Other bits, yes.


Again, can it be concidence that Dog is God spelled backwards? Apparently, yes. Or the Spanish for "Dog" would be "Soid."

So the question is, how are we to know what to take seriously, and what not?
Listen to what God tells us, apparently. But then, how are we to know if what God tells us is really...Oh, shut up, Toad.

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Donald Mallard said...

Dnuh. Ttog.

"Epicuris's old questions are still unanswered.

Is god willing to prevent evil, but not able? -then he is impotent.

Is he able but not willing?-then he is malevolent.

Is he both willing and able? Then whence evil?"

David Hume.