Monday, 2 February 2009

Super time and Una, the three-legged wonder

Big fun yesterday.
We took off for Leon during a fair to middling snowstorm in the afternoon, headed for the Hotel San Marcos, a very smart Parador. It was with the excuse that we needed a tele with a special sports channel in order to watch the Steelers win the Superbowl. This, as we now know, was duly achieved, not without satisfying moments of drama. The hotel dates from 1532 and is large, cavernous and echoing, full of pictures and statues and tapestries and chandeliers and crummy old junk like that. Very nice really, and we got a killer deal on the room, only 74 euros. The asking price is at least twice that. Times are getting hard in the service sector already, it seems. Being cheap ourselves, we toted our own Champagne (Spanish, natch, and properly called Cava).
When we set off this morning for home the sky was cloudless and it was almost warm. Leon is always good for a wide variety of weather. The dogs greeted us as if we had been gone for years, going into paroxysms of ecstasy.

We are growing used to the fact that Una will probably spend the rest of her life mostly on three legs. Tim fell heavily on her over three months ago, and recently the vet told us that there is nothing to be done. He pointed out that she is unfazed by the injury, "She still has more legs than we do." She just carries on as ever, still dashing up and down steep, rough, hills and valleys, still game to dig out a mouse or a rabbit when she gets the scent. A lesson to us all, to me at least.
Then yesterday Estebanito saw me hobbling along on a stick and her limping around and asked if it was contagious.

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Virginia said...

My own three-legged dog is staring up at me with loving eyes, as I tap away at the keyboard. Zia does well, despite the missing limb. In our walks she inspire others with her vitality and enthusiasm. She knows no limits. She relishs hole-digging, though she must rest on her belly. It is alternately amusing and painful to watch. Walking is harder than loping along so usually she races along at breakneck speed leaving us trailing behind in her dust.

Dear Una, will be fine...

Thanks for the Dickens post his writing. What a character.

Life is good...

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