Saturday, 14 February 2009

Normal Service Will Be Resumed as Soon as Possible

Reb emerges from the now legendary hole, to the relief of Tim, who worries a lot about the crazy stuff humans do.

Science tells us there are thousands of readers worldwide agog daily for my wife Rebekah´s blog. Well, she is away for a few days, so I must step in and keep the Moratinos Soap Opera going until La Maestra returns.

So: Friday the thirteenth lived down to expectations.

I went to get my anti-death pills refill in the Plaza Mayor during the Medico´s weekly visit and found Pin (or it might be Pim, or Pyn or Pym or God knows what) waiting for the Doc like me.
He told me that Esteban´s brother, who had moved to Germany years ago, died last week, and that Esteban, his son Esteban, Raimunda (whose house we bought) and Tomas, her son, (who did the haggling) went over there. They are all now back. The defunct brother and his family were known as The Germans, and have a house here in town.

Then he, Pin, told me he lost his job as a driver a month ago, and there is little hope of getting another one right now. Moratinos has its first casualty of The Crisis. No one is safe.

Then he told me that everyone was going to get together and trim the trees and do the annual cleanup in the Plaza Mayor tomorrow (which is now today).

But I met Estebanito fresh from Germany today, and he said we aren´t going to do the Plaza bit today. But we will soon. Shame, as today the weather was beautiful - Springlike, cloudless, warm. Ideal for civic labour.

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