Monday, 16 February 2009


This self-portrait by Bacon looks much the way I feel. Things will no doubt improve as the day goes on.

I shouldn´t really write this until I get in a better humor. But I feel like ranting.
I started this morning, however, in a good mood.
It was a warm, cloudless, Spring-like day and we three set off in high spirits. In the Plaza we were joined by Luna, Pym´s black bitch. She is a beautiful dog, half Greyhound, half hunting Spaniel, Pym agrees. She was alone and we went looking for mushrooms which, as I was aware, we would not find. Una and Luna, though began a frantic dig for a mouse, which they did not find. Still much running around at high speed, prompted by Luna, gave the dogs a good workout. Bertha the gray parrot, was out in her cage in the Plaza, whistling greetings. I met Pym at the post lady, where they were amused that I still don´t know my identification number, which she is always asking me for. All this fuss over another electricity bill for Marrianne.

When we got home, My hopes were much elevated to see two packets from Amazon. But, when I opened them, the results were disappointing. A couple of books, some CD´s - Oh, I won´t go into details here, no good will come of it. I will just forget it. Think beautiful thoughts.

To put me in a better humor, I am going to clean out about 40 pounds of chicken shit from the girls´ run. Never fails.

How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.
Marcus Aurelius


Gary White said...

Don't fall in THE HOLE!! said...

I miss you. And the CGs. Will be home soon.