Sunday, 15 February 2009

Glorious day

Picture, of local castle, heavily doctored by me, from our files. To provide illustration.

Nothing doing in Moratinos today, folks. That´s good. No more bad news needed. My wife is in Belgium and Holland with her friends.

She is missing a glorious day here. So warm in mid Feb that I have been "painting" in the front yard stripped to the waist - something I now only assay in isolation from humans (the beasts don´t care).
Painting no good, I fear. But not quite ruined yet.

But Facebook and Blog are re-connecting me with several old friends, which is very nice. I am beginning to understand the point of them - the blog and the facebook, that is, not the friends. I already understand that.


I know that if I stopped drinking whiskey and smoking cigars I probably could add another year or so onto my life. The trouble is, it would be on the wrong end.

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Laura said...

Thanks for keeping us informed while Rebekah is out of town...enjoy the weather.