Tuesday, 20 November 2012

One Day in the Life of...

I was unsure what to write about today, but my good cyber friend Kathleen, on CP&S, (see right) has bailed me out again.

She mildly complains - it is, I think, fair to describe it - about the excessive extent that I, and at least one other contributor on there, (Pastorious by name) "contribute."
She is a busy woman, she points out and finds it hard to keep up with the blizzard of often contentious, sometimes downright pernickety, posts we  "post," practically hourly, it seems at times.

And she's right. And has my sympathies.

Have we nothing better to do? Probably not.
I can only speak for myself, but certainly I don't have a very demanding schedule since recusing myself from the humbug mills.
I rise early, around six, generally.
In the chilly months I clean out the wood stove, and get it going. I feed Bob the Canary. I switch on The Mighty Wurlitzer, as the computer is known.
I reply instantly to any personal emails. Thankfully these are very few.
I make the coffee.
I wash up last night's dishes.
I go out and feed and water the hens.
I may then eat an egg or two of theirs.
I feed and water the cats and dogs and administer pills to the ailing ones, which are Mo, Murph and Tim these days.No easy task, involving rolling them up in slices of the finest ham, before trying to stuff them down their gobs.
I look to see if anyone has commented on this blog. Hardly ever. Hmmm.
I then look at the other blogs mentioned here, mainly CP&S, and reply or not, as I think fit.
All this, and dawn has still not broken.

All very boring, as you see, and yet essential.

I then read The Guardian and Telegraph on line, and am appalled by the trivial imbecility of many Telegraph stories, often involving deeply stupid "reality" television programmes featuring female M.P.s, and and resolve, if they ever start charging for it, that will be the same instant I'm out of there.

This post is already so long and dull that I will stop here and continue tomorrow with the main and essential business of the day: The Dog Walk; El Paseo de los Perros.


Tom Goodman said...

Your daily pattern is (to my mind) more useful and meaningful than struggling into the workplace to churn out more of the same.

This exquisite (if we realise it) ordinary living is what pleases us. It is what is important to us, the mundane, the quotidien, the tranquil immersion in 'earth's diurnal roll'. Books, music, food, company or not, dogs, cats. What else is there?

Who could ask for anything more?

(Isn't that a line from an antique song? )

Patrick O'Gara said...

It is. Gershwin. (As I'm sure you know.)

Tom Goodman said...

You said that you were undecided on what to write about.

Given your contrary and cusséd nature - may I suggest that you don't write about growing older?

I wouldn't.