Sunday, 18 November 2012

Interesting Times

When in doubt about as to what to call the latest blog episode - consider the above.
Usually works.

I'm writing this at home, when normally, I'd be at Mass.
But Don Santiago (who is a saint!) is off burying yet another old neighbour in Ledigos, or, Legartos, or Terradillos de los Templarios, or wherever.

As a result, no Mass in Moratinos.
No back-up priest..
Yes, we could drive to Sahagun, or somewhere.
But we didn't.
And we won't, if this kind of thing goes on.
At least, I won't. I'll just quit.
Reb might not.
Up to her. She's accused of being "Protestant" anyway, so what the heck?

So, instead of, as normal -  singing a hymn with the same melody as, "Blowin' In The Wind," I'm at home in The Peaceable contemplating what a friend of mine on Fleet Street - (of all places) - was wont to call, "The Eternal Verities." That is to say, stuff.

And I'm doing it sitting out on the newly-built terrace... (sounds poncey, for sure, but that's just what it is)... naked to the waist ! - that's how sunny it is!

Which nudity is no sin, as nobody, except the dogs and cats and canary and wife, can be appalled by the hideous sight.
(Otherwise, it would be a very grave one, indeed.)

So, what deep thoughts do I have to share with my reader? One.
For some time now, I have been debating with myself why on earth I even bother beating my head endlessly against the wall of CP&S.

But then, "Out of the blue" (like 9/11/2001) a post, or polemic, or whatever we might care to call it - arrives, stating in no uncertain terms - that the Catholic martyrs of the "Reformation" were without exception - fantastically noble, brave, and superb.

And, as well as I know, they might have been.

But then, the story goes on to emphasise, in no uncertain terms - that the Protestant martyrs were a bunch of craven, snivelling, cursing, cringing  cowards.

And, as well as I know, they also might have been.

Who really knows?

And, critically, what's the point in making the distinction?
Whatever, as a result, for me,  the crucial point here was - that as long as such utterly scurrilous bits of nonsensensical gibberish like this -  are being  run on CP&S, I feel I have a moral obligation to comment on them.

And that not to do so would be a sin on my part.

So, for all those who find me, (as I do myself ) a tedious old windbagging bore - my apologies.

But, nevertheless,  I will hang in there until the "Management"
says "Enough, Toad. You have gone too far this time."

Because "Too far," is where I have decided to hang my hat.


strangerthanfiction said...

I reckon that must make you fantastically brave and superb.

Patrick O'Gara said...

Kind of you to say so, Strangerthanfiction, (What a lovely name! Is it Polish?) but I fail to follow the reasoning.

Maybe you can elucidate?