Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Question of Upbringing?


Found this very interesting:

1; Because it seems, in some respects at least, to relate to what we might call the "ethos" of Catholicism Pure & Simple (see right) notably a yearning for the Nostalgia of Things Effectively Past.

2; Because it also, almost paradoxically, reflects some of Toad's (that's me) admittedly ambivalent attitudes to Catholicism, which have clung to his hide like barnacles to a sperm whale.


Tom Goodman said...

I should say I am not actually who I am declared to be. Too many (not yours) leaks on t'internet. So they say. I'm not good on all that stuff.

Tom Goodman said...

Oh bugger. I sent one post, then this. It's all arse for elbow.

Something about being surprised that K was unhappy about too many posts, and that I thought she'd like that even if only to oppose. And something about Scruton who I heard so tearfully long ago in a Uni debate because I wanted to know mine enemy. 1989. Ugh.But having read him on architecture and Marxism, he is brilliant so I forgive him hs foxhunting, old Toryism and the Telegraph.
And other stuff I wrote now lost to view. Thank Gawd.