Friday, 23 January 2009


Above is Caroline Kennedy. More of her later.

Well, my wife is off to Madrid on the 10.07 a.m. express from Sahagun. She will meet and hobnob with her best chum Jean, The American in Paris (usually).
I will loaf with dogs, cat, canary and hens. OK by me, for a couple of days at least.

The news that the aforesaid Kennedy has withdrawn from contention for Hillary Clinton´s old seat, got me pondering. The surprise is not that she withdrew, but that she had the audacity to put her name down in the first place. Clearly, she was utterly unsuited for public office, being unable to communicate verbally in anything more than the contemporary equivalent of grunts - in her case interminable repetition of "y´now" interspersed with every other word, 138 times during one press conference.
This does not make her a bad person, of course. But it does indicate that she may be unfitted for this kind of task.
I suspect she may have been encouraged originally, not only by the fact that George W. Bush - a "semi-literate polecat" (to steal a fine phrase from Denis Healey, a British politician from my youth) managed to land quite an important job, and that Sara Palin managed to at least make some sort of impression nationally while clearly possessing not even the veriest smattering of ignorance.
They seem to have misunderstood the notion of success in American politics. The idea, at least until Bush and Palin showed up, has been that ANYONE might be president, providing they have certain basic credentials. Among these, intelligence, experience, articulacy and ability rate (or ought to) pretty highly.
Kennedy seemed to have glommed on to the current buffoonery that ANY DOLT can make it big, regardless.
Luckily, she woke up.


Gary White said...

So now I know what you do on a slow day in the big M.--count occurances of "Y'know" in Caroline's speech.

Glad you are blogging again. I enjoy looking in from time to time.

Also glad your foot is better.

Caroline said...

Your forgot about Dan Quayle....