Sunday, 4 January 2009

End of the Year Quiz

One of the several thousand pleasures of retiring from newspapers is that I won´t have to organise any more Year´s end quizzes. I was thinking this while reading about the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Why anyone would want to remember what happened last year, or practically any year, come to that, let alone answer questions voluntarily about it, is mysterious.
Still, Gaza is the Year´s first big story, I suppose, since Sarah Palin´s daughter´s baby arrived a little prematurely for the quiz compilers.

Despite, or possibly because of, all the above, I am groundbreaking by running 2010´s first end of the Year Quiz a bit early.

Quiz Question 1:

Who was the first person in 2009 to say "We do not seek war.¨?

Quiz Question 2:
What was the next word he used?

Quiz question 3:
Who will be the last person to say ¨We do not seek war.¨?

Quiz Question 4:

Given that Sarah Palin´s daughter´s name is clearly rhyming slang, is the new baby´s also?

Quiz Question 5:

If so, for what?

(Some of this may be obscure for U.S. readers, so here are some clues. The Palin daughter is Bristol, her baby is Tripp. Didn´t help much, did it?)

Answers will be published here on January 1, 2010, however I can reveal the answer to question 2 was ¨but.


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