Thursday, 8 January 2009

Encouraging news

Below, a story from Tuesday´s Daily Telegraph.

The numbers of people participating in the traditional British folk dance are dwindling whilst the age of the dancers is increasing, according to the Morris Ring, an association representing over 200 Morris troupes across Britain.
It is warning that "unless younger blood is recruited during the coming winter months, Morris dancing will soon become extinct".
Charlie Corcoran, Bagman of the Morris Ring, said: "There's a distinct possibility that in 20 years' time there will be nobody left.
"It worries me a great deal. Young people are just too embarrassed to take part.
"This is a serious situation. The average age of Morris dancing sides is getting older and older. Once we've lost this part of our culture it will be almost impossible to revive it."
Paul Reece, chairman of the Advisory Council of the Morris Ring, said: "There is still time for new blood to get ready for the Spring fertility offensive.
"Such customs and activities were once a common sight around the country. Today they are carried out by an ever-dwindling stalwart band of enthusiasts who are determined to keep them alive.
"But there is a serious danger that, in less than a few decades, Morris dancing will be confined to the history books."

In these sordid days, it is heartwarming to be able to pass on a bit of optimistic news. Within some of our lifetimes - not mine I suspect - the degrading and revolting spectacle of bearded, middle-aged ¨men¨ capering about festooned with ¨bells¨ and ¨ribbons¨ and brandishing ¨sticks¨ may be no more than a real ale induced memory. It may not be much in the face of recession and world unrest, but it´s start.


Those who can make you believe absurdities can make
you commit atrocities.

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