Saturday, 20 October 2012


"After the Pontiff spoke these words there appeared above Hadrian’s Mausoleum an angel, believed to be St. Michael, who replaced in his scabbard the sword of vengeance which he had held over the city." This is from a post on CP&S, two days ago. Apparently God had smitten Rome about the year 600, with a "vicious" plague. A few prayers later, and Bob's your uncle. Plague over. The point is, do we really need a god who viciously visits people with the plague? I think not. This "God's Vengeance," stuff is at best gibberish, and at worst pernicious nonsense. There. I can say that on my own blog and not upset anyone! More importantly, Frankel runs his supposed last race today at Ascot. He's supposed to win, of course. never lost yet.


FrereRabit said...

Dear Sir,

I would just like to point out that you can´t say things on your own blog and not upset anyone. The internet is full of people who will get upset about anything.

I myself personally in my own experience have been upset about at least twenty-five things on the internet already today, yours being just one of them.


Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

Patrick O'Gara said...

There is much in what you say, Disgusted. Undubitably.