Thursday, 24 March 2011


Yesterday, to a great barking and hysteria from the dogs, Miraglos, Leandra and a lady from the local Junta arrived.

As a result, tomorrow Reb and I are going to a village near SaldaƱa to give a sort of presentation, if I understand rightly, about being foreigners living in Castilla y Leon.

If I understand wrongly, it might be about almost anything - beekeeping, quantum theory or the Albigensian Heresy - things of which I at least, know nothing.
So, we will go, armed with a stout dictionary and do our best.

The trouble is, that despite living in Moratinos for four or so years now, we spend virtually all day speaking English to one another, and our Spanish does not get much of an airing. I will probably explain this to the audience, if I am capable, and maybe try to explain some of the oddities of the English language to them.
If any of them are considering learning English, which I doubt, because they will probably all be over 70, and like me, somewhat set in their ways - this will swiftly put them off the notion forever.

Anyway, there will be a further blog re this as soon as possible, as it promises to be nightmarish fun.

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FrereRabit said...

There seems a kind of expectation, here in Benidorm, that expats do not speak Spanish, to the point where Spanish people keep remarking upon my own Spanish fluency as if I am some sort of freak.

In fact my range of verb conjugations is quite primitive and I wouldn't say my Spanish is that hot, and yet it still contrasts markedly with the average level of Spanish among English expats who have lived here for years.

And here is the irony. Because it is Benidorm, I can assure you that most of these expats will be people who would say, of immigrants to England, that they should have the decency to learn English if they are going to live in England.