Thursday, 10 March 2011

Giving It Up and Getting it On For Lent

Still life with dogs.

Toad, for that is my pen name, has decided to give up not blogging for Lent. As he has said before, the main obstacle to his blogging, is a little-known medical condition which doctors refer to as, 'idleness.'
However, he will at least try to knuckle down, subdue his disability, and produce a few words a day between now and Easter, with the ash still fresh on his forehead.

It will be largely boring, but will be relieved by nice dog pictures from time to time.

Why 'Toad'? It is because he is a regular on a website frequented by Catholics of the old-fashioned stripe that Toad remembers from his childhood.
His comments there are often a form of revenge.

But anyway, at one time some crazed Christian declared that what I, (under my other nom de plume(!) of Moratinos), had written was 'toadspittle.' So entranced was I that I adopted it as my new 'atavar', or whatever it's called. It has now become my persona.

Toad writes in the third person, 1: To distance himself fom his own preposterous comments, and 2: To avoid using 'I' every other word.

Toad, then, hopes this has cleared the matter up. But doubts it.

Among the topics that interest him will be God, dogs, blasphemy and the Cheltenham festival. We might also touch on the Alice books, South Wind by Norman Douglas, and 'The Unquiet Grave' by Cyril Connolly (two forgotten litery gems) and the chances of Spurs winning the Champions' League... But then, we might not.

Anyroadup, as they say in Leeds apparently, your contributions, by way of comment are welcome. As is violent verbal abuse.


Yeebaa Discounts said...

You can't give up - it'd be like giving in.

Jenni said...

I wish someone would label my comments so colorfully. Toadspittle indeed. I'd be honored.

Laura said...

Happy to see that you, or Toad, are/is writing again - I wondered what the silence meant.

Jim said...

Fitzgerald is very happy to see you back.

(Fitzgerald the name I reply to with my stepgrandson)

Patrick O'Gara said...

Toad's mathernal Grandfather was a Fitzgerald, so Toad's dad told him. "That's why we're so good looking," he added. Father was delusional in many ways.

Patrick O'Gara said...

Toad's mathernal Grandmother was a Fitzgerald, so his Father told him.
"Tha's why we're all so goodlooking," Dad explained. He was delusional in many respects.