Monday, 21 March 2011

Interesting Times

Toad is gamely trying to meet his target of a blog a day during Lent. Is already far behind of course, but plodding on.
Yesterday, Sunday, was a milestone in Moratinos life. Bruno, the Italian Hospitalero, threw a big lunch for the village. His wife, an imposing lady, was there to help. Reb and I had were aware that he was going to do this, but we thought it would be at four p.m. I had already made a tortilla for the post Mass vermouth session in the town hall, and olives and pork scratchings and all sorts were being eaten beforehand. Then we all toddled off to the new Albergue to eat a seven-course Italian feast, including two kinds of pasta and God knows what all else. It was excellent. Afterwards, stuffed like Strasbourg Geese, Reb and I went home and slept far too long.
If Bruno plans to treat the pilgs like this, he will be bankrupt in a week. Of course he will not.

But places for pilgs within a couple of miles of our house have mushroomed in the last few years. When we first came here there was an Albergue in Terradillos and one in San Nicolas. Now there are two in Terradillos, one in Moratinos, with a hotel on the way, and another one due to open soon in San Nicolas, built and to be run by our chums at the Bar Barrunta.
Toad wonders if they can all survive, let alone thrive.

We both suspect that this will be a bumper year for the number of pilgs. We also suspect that a great many of them, due to not having a job, but with plenty of time on their hands, will have little, if any, money.
From time to time we get people deliberately doing the Camino with no money. We had one recently. A nice young French Canadian, dressed in top of the line walking gear. He seemed to be doing it on charity as a sort of experiment.

It is officially Spring here now. Sun blazing, buds budding, dogs dozing, Bob warbling, more pilgs passing.

We got the big table out in the yard and oiled it. Looks good.

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