Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Not only am I the target of a crazed cockerel,(see previous blog) but even my doggie compamions are a source of hazard and concern. Twice now, Nabi the Greyhound has accidentally (I am sure) run into me in the middle of a field at about literally twenty miles an hour and sent me bowling.
It would seem that her accomplice, Lulu, has settled for afflicting both Reb and I mentally, by going seriously lame for a couple of days and causing us to worry and call the Vet. In fact, Nabi has already done this in the past, twice, (go lame, that is - not call the Vet) but then recovered from the problems quickly. Now Lulu appears to have done likewise. (recover quickly, that is - not call the Vet) We hope.
We are not yet used to Greyhounds. Their legs look so fragile and they run so fast on them that frequent injuries seem inevitable.
And you will have read in Reb's blog of their joint attack on a neighbor friend's very small dog which they ran down and had every intention of tearing to bits. We had to fend them off with my stick. These are the same beasts which, from day one, I have felt confident to pick up, pull mouths open, peer into ears and generally poke about - the same as I do with Una and Tim - without the slightest fear of them biting. And I still do. Very odd. However, muzzles are on the cards for walks.
They both are still very distrustful of anyone but Reb and me, and may always be a bit that way.
On top of that, the Vet hospital in Leon is quoting 450 euros EACH to have them spayed.
Greyhounds, it seems - although demanding of affection - are not cuddly dogs. Big fun so far, though.

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