Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Reb jogs while Patrick blogs.

Well, not really - but I'm fond of a little alliteration. (There - there's another bit.)
'Reb slogs' might do, however.

Now she is officially a Scout, she will have to do a good deed every day. Though, I suppose just staying married to me takes care of that.

Fresh details of The Long March later, I hope.

Thanks for the link, Lib.

UPDATE: Reb is on her way to Najera, in good shape. Planning a detour to San Millan, maybe.


pilligrimin said...

Well I suppose the lack of conversation while Reb is away accounts for your curious desire for the company. But surely there must be better on the world wide web than that rabid rabble of feral nobodies on Damian's blog?

I wasn't 'offended' your post, but rather mystified that you chose to join in the 14-year-old behaviour of that pack of loonies on dear queen Damian's blog. (Oooh look it's a troll... etc.) LOL!

The Catholic Church in England is in a sorry state. It's no longer my problem though. Take care.

Patrick O'Gara said...

You make good points. I have thought about it hard, as you can imagine. I think - know in fact - that what I am doing is taking exorcising my Catholic upbringing. When I stumbled on D`s blog, it was like being transported back to 1955 - Hail Mary, Queen of Scouts, Immaculate Sisters of the Infinite Godhead, masturbation, Original Sin, Limbo, Bing Crosby, you name it. I thought it had all vanished donkeys years ago. To find actual people (apart from you)still alive was a treat. Still is. I think I am getting bored with it though.
If you read this, please let me know. Only takes a second.
All the best, anyway.

Libby said...

I've got some mad internet skillz. So, if you ever need a link, let me know. Also, I do enjoy getting your perspective on things, so don't stop blogging. Be well.

pilligrimin said...

Yes, I read your response. (That took seven seconds actually...)