Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Exit Una

Well, it looks as if Una has gone. She trotted into my life one day years ago, enriched it greatly, and has now trotted out of it.

Best read Reb's blog on the right, here for the story.

I take a bit of Stoic comfort, if that is the word, from Epicurus:

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;
remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

I always wanted a dog like her. So I was lucky.


Laura said...

RIP sweet dog. Hugs to you all.

Br. Francis said...

What a dog! What an exit!

I have enjoyed reading about Una's adventures on your blog and Rebecca's. You have my sympathies; I know it leaves a big hole.

Perhaps with some distance, this all becomes a book. It's a great story.

Maybe Una and my Dixie are off snarfing pork rinds and harassing squirrels somewhere right now.

Bro. Francis

Lynne said...

I just wish I had met Una, but have enjoyed stories of her so much. Thanks for sharing her with us - she was wonderful!
Peace and love,

FrereRabit said...

Sorry Paddy.

FrereRabit said...

But on a brighter note, at least we can all agree now there is a Dog up there somewhere, even if the God up there remains a bit obscure... !

And I've now found it and read it. Unamuno's San Manuel Bueno, martir. Get it. Read it. Brilliant! A challenge...

Religion: necessary lie or instrument of human liberation? Discuss.

Tracy Saunders. said...

I met a cat today. A little Tortie who enjoyed being the centre of attention. She was lovely to stroke and acknowledge. Her name was Socorro. I met her at my local vet. She had come to them after a car accident and had to have a leg amputated. Another was badly twisted. Yet she had survived another 8 years and is the Princess of the clinic. She gives love and receives love just as Una did.
As for the Sins that Rebekah mentions on her blog: I don't believe in them. But I was once blessed on the Camino for my "shortcomings" and I know I have them in plenty. Given the nature of our "Thrownness" into this world, it is hardly fair to also brand us with sin. We do our best. I do believe that. And one of the things we do to make up for our shortcomings is to give love. Una was loved and because of it she enriched the lives of the people close to her.