Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Bertrand Russell. Nothing to do with the blog, just he has such a wonderful face.

Much ado, these days, about blogs and stuff.

As some of you may know, I had been 'commenting' for a month or so on a Daily Telegraph site by Damian Thompson, about Catholicism. I was often vaguely aware of all sorts of weird undercurrents there, none of which concerned me.

Anyway, a new blog was started. As of 7.05 pm today, it is called 'Catholicism Pure and Simple.' (It might well have a new name by the time I post this.)
I know, I know. I have already made the point that Catholicism is neither of those things. 'Pure' could be argued (unconvincingly) perhaps, 'Simple' never.
But I digress. They are all nice people and I wish them well.

Already, however, the new blog is riven by schisms. (Isn't that a great phrase? Worth a repeat - RIVEN BY SCHISMS - doubt if I'll ever write that again in my life. Hope not,anyway.)

Again, I digress. The thing is, a couple of their stalwarts have quit to start up at least yet one more blog. On top of that, I, and my wife (but that is another digression) have succeeded in upsetting a 'commentator' on Blog Two (CPAS) so deeply that they have quit in a huff.

In view of all this schism rivening, and bearing in mind that what I wrote seemed, to me no more than reasonable and low-key comment on a totally preposterous idea, I am wondering whether I should just stop. Go back to Damian. Or just stop it all. Take up dog walking, grooming and excrement-gathering professionally.
When I upset somebody unintentionally, it makes me unhappy. I like to upset people intentionally.

A double-length walk with the faithful canine crew tomorrow might clear the mind.
Used to work for Kant(even without dogs).

Reb has bought me 16 old Ealing Comedies. But I have digressed enough for one day. Tomorrow, perhaps...


Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

oh my goodness Patrick, you shouldn't lead me to find such places! I have quite enough trouble remaining on the fringes of the church as it is! I notice one of the commentators/writers -joyfulpapist -seems to be a kiwi.

Brian said...

But you are such an excellent gatherer of excrement!

Do stay.

peter said...

While "riven by schisms" does indeed have a wonderful taste in the mouth, the simple quote near the end of your post is my new favourite.

"When I upset somebody unintentionally, it makes me unhappy. I like to upset people intentionally."

May I use that? :-D

Caroline said...

Who quit? I don't think anybody quit. Never cared for the name. At least Simple made it sound less priggish and sanctimonious.