Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Heading Downhill

I'd better write a few words, at least to celebrate the splendid new header here. The work of Kim, of course.
I liked the chicken one from before, but this one illustrates the situation better. Me with dogs on Camino.
Watch this space for the movie. Seriously.

Lots of activity at The Peaceable these days pilgrims come and go and guitarists as well. Murphy joined in the frenzy by going missing for about thirty hours, which was disturbing, what with his track record. But then he showed up again bawling instructions to be let in, fed, let out, let back in, fed more, and so on.
Tim has a crittur in his ear and we are off to the Vet tomorrow. He isn't going to care much for the treatment, I suspect.

Reb is in the USA, which is not much fun for her, and no fun at all for me. And it is raining steadily. Wet dog smell. Muddy Una

3 comments: said...

splendid header you got there. Nice looking dog, too. Lucky old thing.

Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

Great header. Kim is a woman of many talents, and she has captured you and your dog-ly entourage perfectly.

Ryan said...

I like it - very nice work Kim!