Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Year´s End

Well, there goes 2008. Bowing out miserably, not quite as sordidly as Bush in a hail of metaphorical shoes, but slouching none the less.
Una and I are slouching ourselves these days, limping, in fact. We possess a total of four good legs out of a possible six. Her left hind and my left are currently not up to speed. Tim jumped out of the car onto her and hurt her, and I damaged mine running after a donkey in bare feet (my feet, that is, not the donkey´s, she had shoes on).
All this was over two months ago, and we are still not OK. May never be. It´s the vet for her next week. I must be patient.
Still and all, things have not all been lame round here this year. We have a nice house to live in now, and we are starting on planting stuff like beans and peas, so we can eat when all money vanishes or becomes worthless - some time next week, I imagine. And we have our eggs. More chickens to come soon.
Bob the canary and Murph the cat are fine, though Murph is getting rather fat.

Resolutions? No, but I will give my liver a rest from alcohol during January, as I sometimes do. That´s enough for one year.

Regrets? That I did not get a chance to throw my shoes at George.

Happy New Year to all. You never know.

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

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Dan O'Gara said...

No regrets Dad, enjoy!