Friday, 12 September 2008


It´s been a busy six weeks since the last entry.
A dog has been and gone, two more chickens have arrived and a small cat has moved in.
And Tim has a mild case of fleas.
The dog was a puppy that we named Nobby, but turned out - a couple of days later - to be called Pancho. We found him running out of Sahagun one Friday evening. He was a terrier, and looked as if he could be a pedigree Jack Russell. There is a pic of him in Reb´s blog. We reported finding him to the Guardia, and his owner came on the Monday and collected him. Nobby/Pancho was a very smart little chap, with a wise, serious, old-looking face. It was a small sadness to see him go, but his owners were very happy to have him back.
Reb came home the other day with two more chickens, the same breed as before. The original three set about them and gave them a kicking. It seems that the pecking order is not only a figure of speech. An uneasy peace now prevails.
The cat -kitten really - is called Murphy. His pic is also on Reb´s blog. I must learn how to put pix on mine. Worth a thousand words, we used to say. Worth several thousand words like this, I am afraid.
But Murph is a another wonderful addition to the household. He is as handsome as a mog can be, and very friendly, which is surprising for a barn cat. He will not be allowed in the house as Reb is allergic to cats. But he is cozy upstairs in the bottle room, where he has his own personal loft and two squares a day.
Lucky for him, and us.
I´m working on Tim´s fleas. Reb thinks he might have got them from Murphy, but we can´t find any on the little fellow.


Elizabeth said...

I am delighted to have expanded my vocabulary to include the word "mog" in the context you've used. In my world, a mog is a mythical creature that helps video game characters store goods that they've gathered. They live in a "mog house."

I had to look up your mog in a British slang dictionary. I'm an ignorant American, after all.

goooooood girl said...

Very good......